getting to know you

Our first meeting involves getting to know more about your business. What do you currently do for marketing? What's worked in the past? What hasn't? We work through a 'creative brief' together so that we have a clear idea of how the ad looks and feels, as well as ensuring it aligns with your current branding efforts.



Our graphic design team creates ad concepts based on the information collected from the initial meeting. From there we work with you to refine an idea into a final design for approval, which then is readied to publish.

Alternatively if you have in house graphic design services you can skip these steps altogether. Here are some guidelines to ensure your ad does it's job in the most effective way for this advertising medium:  design tips for digital billboards



Your 'ad spot' gets 8 seconds of exposure in one of no more than nine spots, on constant rotation. This means your ad will be seen approximately:

RESIZED devon-janse-van-rensburg-207479.jpg

50x an hour —

1,200x daily — 33,600x in 4 weeks


 location and pricing

Our Billboards

Two 10' x 20'  high resolution LED billboards with 2 facings each have been installed on Kwantlen Reserve Lands by BC Highway 7, or Lougheed Highway. One is located on the north side of the highway, just east of the Albion neighbourhood, while the other is by Whonnock neighbourhood.

Both see traffic of over 25,000 vehicles daily.



Contact our sales representative for more information. We offer discounts on longer term ad space too.